W H A T   W E   D O
Bunzl Retail Supplies has an extensive network of global Suppliers across a broad and eclectic range of product categories to deliver a holistic solution for our Customers. We hold a number of strategic partnerships with market leading suppliers of Goods not for Resale, enabling us to add real value to our offer; not just focusing on the cost of goods.
Our Procurement team proactively drives competitive advantage for our Customers through a Category Management approach which delivers sustainable cost saving programmes, cost in use analysis, value engineering initiatives, category range reviews and new product development to complement our service proposition.
Supply chain integrity is vital in offering our Customers an assured and accredited supply chain. Our in-house technical services team work with SEDEX (the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) to drive improvements in responsible and ethical business practices and to ensure social and ethical compliance within our supply chain. In addition, we conduct regular Supplier Audits to ensure standards are maintained and drive continuous improvement through our Supplier Development programme.
Supplier performance is monitored and Supplier accreditations validated so our Customers are not at risk from supply, compliance or product quality issues. Bunzl Retail Supplies operates Quality Control and Assurance testing regimes, in accordance with the internationally recognised standards ISO2859-1:1999 and BS6001-1:1999. We test a range of products to ensure that quality standards are met.
Bunzl Retail Supplies is able to leverage the scale which the Bunzl group delivers. Our Procurement and international sourcing teams proactively collaborate and share information across business areas. Bunzl offer a global sourcing policy with two distinct characteristics; we partner with preferred Suppliers, typically international manufacturers of market leading brands to drive best value, alternatively, we are able to coordinate the sourcing of own brand and low cost alternative products from emerging economies.
Thus we are able to ensure that our Customers have access to a diverse range of products that meet their needs and expectations
Each customer is unique, which is why we offer an extensive range of highly competitive and innovative branded and globally sourced products to enable you access to the goods not for resale and store supplies that meet your specific needs. The priority is to ensure stores can place one order and get one delivery to the back door to keep them trading efficiently.
Our experienced Inventory Managers ensure the products are available and the items are only invoiced when they are dispatched to store, releasing important capital into your business. Invoicing is also made simple as you get one monthly consolidated invoice which aids efficiency and clarity at your head office.
We can also blend products that are supplied by Bunzl Retail Supplies with those from sources you nominate, as we understand and respect that you have historic supplier relationships that are strategic to your business. These items will be managed alongside products sourced by Bunzl Retail Supplies via the tailored logistic solution.
Our experienced team are passionate about delivering exceptional service and eliminating the many hidden costs of procurement, inventory management, compliance and self-distribution so we can add value to your business.
We operate from a premium warehouse and administrative hub that measures over 300,000 sq. ft. It's a 24-hour operation that enables our customers to free-up valuable space in their stores, so they can sell more. It also means that the need for working capital is reduced and boosts customer cash flow. Naturally, it also minimizes distribution and warehousing costs.
We operate our own fleet of vehicles which are supported by third party carriers. That ensures we achieve maximum logistical efficiency right across the UK, Ireland and main land Europe. The combination of our vehicles, and those of our partners, means that deliveries can be made on pallets to depots as well as to high street stores in single boxes.
We have our own high-quality transport fleet at your service, complimented by strong third party logistics partnerships. We will tailor the logistics and supply solution to meet your needs and varying this based on each of your store's needs, size or format.
We ensure the highest level of logistical efficiency across the UK and Ireland, whether we're using our fleet exclusively or combining it with third-parties or your own transport. We provide deliveries on pallets to depots as well as to high street stores in full or part pallets or in mixed and single boxes.
And you can choose from a range of delivery options to suit your needs and plans: from same or next day express deliveries to a 3 or 4 day service whatever suits.
Bunzl will take orders direct from each individual store throughout the UK and Ireland and deliver direct, streamlining the whole ordering process and providing an optimum solution for each store.  Delivery to the store will depend on size or classification but the exact requirements of each store will be met.
This means that we will deliver on pallets, in cages or in boxes with special instructions given by the individual location adhered to.  Direct to Store provides a range of benefits inclusive of reduced working capital, streamlined orders for stores, enhanced storage space utilisation and improved store support.
When a customer already has a sound and robust storage & distribution mechanism in place Bunzl will work with the customer to utilise our procurement expertise, approved suppliers, ethical trading and quality processes and deliver in bulk the products required. The client benefits from the best in market prices submitted by Bunzl and also our proven ability to ensure that deadlines and delivery dates are continually met.
Bunzl Retail Supplies can design, build and implement a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution that will enable a transfer of full responsibility from the customer to us. Bunzl will maintain a full inventory of stock and be responsible for all re-supply decisions regarding order quantities, shipping and timing.
Bunzl can receive orders from the customer, pick and pack them and then distribute to the clients DC or 3rd party supply chain partner. The client receives the benefits of our procurement expertise, stock control management, warehousing and order picking and then the order can be sent via transport already going to the location delivering goods for resale. The cross dock orders can be picked in boxes, on cages or pallets dependent on how the subsequent orders are delivered into the retail store.