T H E  C O N C E P T


Outsourcing the procurement and distribution of your Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) requirement to Bunzl provides a bespoke premium solution that incorporates global sourcing, working capital reduction, storage space release, various delivery options and an end to end supply chain solution. This will allow you to focus on their business and allow Bunzl to eliminate costs and dramatically improve your return on capital employed.

We fully understand that one solution does not fit all so we craft each proposition to the exact and bespoke needs of the client whether this be a direct to store full consolidation or warehouse replenishment.

On many occasions we have developed ‘hybrid’ solutions that use the principles of various distribution models that fit with particular parts of the customer’s business. If a client has various sizes of store or classification of store then we are happy to provide the best solution for that individual requirement.





Bunzl will source your required GNFR products from one of up to 6,400 global suppliers and selected PSP (Bunzl Preferred Supply Partners). We will ensure that your requirement is matched to the optimum supplier and the most appropriate global location for the requisite delivery date.




We understand that one size does not fit all and thus We offer a variety of consolidation models to ensure that customers have access to the best products that meet their specific and individual needs. We will mix Bunzl supply with customer nominated supply (if required), store all goods within our warehouse, deliver to a third party or provide a tailored distribution service into your own facility for subsequent store delivery.




Using our own transport fleet, 3rd party courier or your own transport Bunzl will supply the required products aligned to the store size, classification and modal type. We will ensure that each store has the right model guaranteeing product availability for business critical retail consumables.